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Casinos Are Trying To Shutdown This App, But They Can't

Today at 11:49 am | Maria Hill

If you're over 24 and live in the US, then this is the most exciting article you’ll read this year.

Here’s the deal: Slotomania Slots, a new social casino game is giving US players 1,000,000 Free Coins simply for downloading their app.

Marketing Manager Peter Branson explained why they are running such a generous promotion, “As a casino tech company we want to disrupt the traditional casino business model. With the rise of smartphones, brick and mortar casinos are becoming outdated. We want to encourage more people to start playing casino games on their phone and this offer is designed to do just that..."

"'s a similar marketing strategy to Uber who gave away $15 free credit to install the Uber taxi app."

Sounds too good to be true? That's what Donna from Austin, TX thought. But with 10 minutes of free time and nothing to lose, she took Slotomania Slots up on the offer and downloaded the app.

5 minutes and 17 coins later, Donna won the progressive jackpot on Slotomania Slots app game.

"I still can't believe it. I think i'm dreaming! I thought that it was a glitch. But after closing and opening the app again it was still there and then I knew for sure that it was real."

And while Donna was one of the bigger winners of the giveaway, she certainly isn’t the only one to win big on the Slotomania Slots promo. Since the promotion began last month, over 2500 players in the US have also hit the jackpot. However, it appears the giveaway will soon be ending as the company has warned they have already spent their entire years marketing budget on the offer.

**UPDATE: After reading this article Slotomania Slots has made a special deal with us to extend the offer and give 1,000,000 Free Coins to our loyal readers who install their app. To get the 1,000,000 Free Coins, click the button below and install the app!

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